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I just completed my fourth year of teaching Pedagogy and Folk Song Research and Analysis at the Cheneniah Summer Music Institute, part of New St. Andrews College in Moscow, ID. These music teachers are very talented and such good teachers. I teach Level II, which focuses on second and third grade music concepts. It's the perfect level for me because several of the singing games that these teachers collect and analyze are also part of my piano book for beginners, PLAY AND PLAY. I was happy to share some instructions from my Teacher Edition.

We weren't always so serious, especially on the last day of class! Baby Otto visited his mom for part of the first class of the day so we had to have him in the class picture.

The teachers were practicing their lesson on 16th notes. Each teacher had to present part of the lesson in teaching lab for all the student body and faculty for critique. I was very proud of them!

My piano book, PLAY AND PLAY is based upon the Kodály music education philosophy and methodology. Folk songs and singing games are the basis for teaching music to children. It has been so rewarding to use this method in small group settings in my piano studio. It's even more rewarding to teach music teachers who will go back to their schools and touch the lives of so many children with this method of teaching.


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