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About Me

Hi, I’m Diane and I’m so happy that you’re here. I’m here to teach you about teaching piano in small groups. I’ve operated a private piano studio for over 12 years, teaching in small group piano classes. My schedule is Tuesday-Thursday, 4:00-7:00 p.m.


That’s right, teaching a total of only 9 hours per week! Classes are 45 minutes, so that means I get in 4 classes per day.


How did I get started this way? I had taught elementary music in public schools in Texas and Louisiana for 31 years. Yep―31 years of fun! I also earned my Master of Music Education as well as my Kodály Certification. The Kodály methodology teaches music literacy through folk songs and game songs. It’s a wonderful child developmental approach to teaching.


When I retired from school teaching and wanted to open a piano studio, I knew that I wanted to include the proven and successful Kodály method. Teaching piano in small group classes made that possible. I opened a studio in my small hometown of around 3500 people. I consistently had 25 to 30 students each year.


From the beginning, I used game songs and folk songs from my Kodály collection in my beginner piano classes. In 2018 I wrote PLAY AND PLAY, PIANO BOOK FOR BEGINNERS. This book exclusively uses game songs and folk songs. I wrote a Revised Edition in 2023, along with the Revised Teacher Edition.

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I also teach Kodály music education in university summer courses to music teachers. I teach Pedagogy―how to teach― as well as folk song research and analysis.


Now, I want to teach YOU how to teach piano in small group classes incorporating game songs. I’ve been consistently able to operate a profitable studio teaching only 9 hours per week. I want to teach you how to do that, too!

"I highly recommend the Play and Play curriculum!  As a piano teacher for over 25 years, I have tried a plethora of method books, striving to find the best approach for my students and their individual needs.   I was so fortunate to receive my Kodaly training 2018-2021, and started teaching general music to homeschoolers.  This led to an interest in teaching piano in groups, and I began reading books and researching the best ways to do that, while adhering to my personal philosophy of “joyful music literacy”.  In 2021, I was very blessed to have Diane Engle as my pedagogy instructor at Chenaniah Summer Music Institute, where she introduced me to the “Play and Play” book.  It combined my love of piano teaching and the Kodaly methodology and has made my group lessons so effective and joyous!  The children love to play the games associated with each song and are eager to play the songs on the piano for their peers each week in class.  Since the method uses American folk songs, it fulfills me to know I am passing on our American musical heritage to the next generation.   This book now holds a firm spot in my teaching toolbox.  I am able to use it with children ages 5-12 with ease.  I have even adapted the games for use in private lessons!  I suggest you try it for yourself!"

Melissa Surman

Gloria Music Studio

 Cincinnati, Ohio

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Email me to set up a time for a personal video chat.

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