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Play and Play Student Book Cover

PLAY and PLAY: Learn How to Play the Piano and Keyboard Using a Fun and Easy Method

PLAY AND PLAY PIANO BOOK FOR BEGINNERS REVISED STUDENT EDITION offers children a refreshing and innovative approach to learning the piano through game songs. This comprehensive piano series combines the joy of games with the fundamentals of piano playing, making it an engaging experience for learners of all ages.

Diane Engle wrote the PLAY AND PLAY piano book based on the Kodály Piano Teaching Method, and over 30 years of teaching, both school music and piano. This well-tested child developmental approach for learning to play the piano has children playing and singing a song from their first lesson.

The piano music is taken from an extensive collection of children's songs, including American folk songs as well as folk songs from other countries, and game songs. Each piece is carefully selected to provide both enjoyment and skill-building opportunities that result in music literacy. Each song has an illustrated color sheet that engages the student and makes the learning exciting.

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Sample Lesson

This fun game song has students reading 3-Beat Meter and Grand Staff.

Jump, frog, jump sheet music

Bean bags for frogs!

"Play is our brain's favorite way of learning."

Diane Ackerman, Author of The Zookeeper's Wife

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