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The beginners' piano book, PLAY AND PLAY, is a unique piano book that exclusively uses game songs and folk songs. The students learn the games and activities then learn to play the songs on the piano.  The students are able to begin with song material from the first piano lesson. Each song also has a color sheet to go with it. 

PLAY AND PLAY! , created by Diane Engle, is a highly structured beginners' piano book, using a child developmental approach.

Play and Play - Student's Edition

  • Play and Play! teaches children and young beginners game songs and folk songs, which the student can learn to play on the piano and keyboard on their very first lesson.

    Diane Engle wrote Play and Play! based on the Kodály Piano Teaching Method, and over 30 years of teaching, both school music and piano. This well tested child developmental approach for learning to play the piano:

    • Follows the way a child learns naturally in a step-by-step sequence for simple application,

    • Relates to a child’s own physical and intellectual development for deep musical learning, and

    • Progresses from activities through game to song to music symbols with ease and lots of fun!

    The piano music is taken from an extensive collection of children’s songs, folk songs from around the world, including American folk songs, game songs, art music, and the music of the classical masters. Each song has an illustrated color sheet that engages the student and makes the learning exciting.


    Play and Play! is fun, easy and the best way for your child to learn piano!

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