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Play and Play Piano Book

     At Diane Engle Piano Studio we know that you want to have a music curriculum that will cause your child to learn music and have fun. 

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  To do that, you need a curriculum that incorporates songs and games. We have just the curriculum for you: PLAY AND PLAY, Piano Book for Beginners.

    We understand how important music is in a child’s educational development. We also believe that teaching children music should be fun and effective. That is why we developed PLAY AND PLAY. It is a unique piano book that exclusively uses game songs and folk songs in a small group setting. Children are not bored when using the PLAY AND PLAY book!  They are actively engaged in playing singing games from the beginning of the first lesson.  Then they play these game songs on the piano.

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Pick up your copy today so you can stop struggling to teach your children music and start experiencing success from the first lesson.

Play and Play - Student's Edition

    The beginners' piano book, PLAY AND PLAY, is a unique piano book that exclusively uses game songs and folk songs. The students learn the games and activities then learn to play the songs on the piano.  The students are able to begin with song material from the first piano lesson. Each song also has a color sheet to go with it. 

PLAY AND PLAY! , created by Diane Engle, is a highly structured beginners' piano book, using a child developmental approach.


Play and Play - Teacher's Edition

  The TEACHER EDITION of PLAY AND PLAY for teachers and parents is an easy-to-use manual. It has detailed instructions for the games as well as music instructions. The format of the book has the teacher information on the left page and the corresponding student page on the right.  

Using game songs and folk songs, the piano teacher can have children and young beginners playing on the piano and keyboard on their very first lesson.



Play and Play - Resource Guide

The PLAY AND PLAY RESOURCE GUIDE is a complete resource of how to set up and operate a profitable piano studio, teaching children in small groups.

Included are lesson plans for Piano Summer Camp, a great way to recruit new students. Also included are reproducible student song sheets. 


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