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Piano students started a fun incentive for weekly piano practice. Each student has a wire on which to string beads, one bead for each day of practice. Parents of younger students let me know how much their child practiced each week by initialing on their child's page of the week. Older students are keeping their own record of practice. They tell me right away how much-or little-they got to practice. The older students are very aware that their playing in piano class will let us all know how much they've worked during the week.

Younger students get an extra trip to the treasure box whenever they get 10 beads. Older students are working toward an outing together when they get 20 beads.

I am practicing, too! I have started a string of beads this week for my own practice. The students will see how much practice time I had for the week. I know they hold me accountable!

The students will get to take their string of beads at the piano recital in May. In the meantime, the strings of beads make for a colorful display in the piano studio.

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