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Why is Piano Summer Camp a good thing? 1. It's a fun way for beginners of all ages to get a start in piano and music reading.

2. Students learn to play songs from the first day, not just isolated notes and patterns. 3. Students relate to these piano camp songs because they are real songs that have meaning. The songs are often game songs which make learning to play the songs on the piano even more fun! I find that when Piano Summer Camp participants start regular weekly piano lessons in September, they are more confident in learning new things. They have an understanding that they will definitely learn how to play their pieces. The summer lessons also help to establish the practice and lesson routine for the year. Piano Summer Camp is also a good way to learn about the individual students and understand their personalities. This makes for better teaching, focusing on the individuals with in the group.

CLOSET KEY game song played by Piano Summer Camp students. They had to find the key in the "garden."

Playing CLOSET KEY game song on the keyboard and piano after playing the game.

PLAINSIES, CLAPSIES, a fun game song for beginners of all ages.

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