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What exactly happens at our piano studio recital each May? Exactly what is it?

First, I will tell you what it is NOT:

  • It is not a stressful event for students.

  • It is not a performance where students must memorize their recital piece. (Although most students have theirs memorized.)

  • It is not a performance where students play a solo then sit for the rest of the evening.

Our piano recital IS:

  • An opportunity for students to demonstrate the musical growth that has taken place in piano for the year.

  • An opportunity to perform in front of a supportive audience.

  • The event where students play both a solo piece and as part of a small ensemble.

  • A time for younger students to demonstrate some singing games they have learned throughout the year.

  • A demonstration of older students playing along with younger students during the singing games.

  • A demonstration of cooperative learning between the age groups.

For the audience, our piano recital IS:

  • A varied program incorporating solo pieces, ensemble playing, and movement.

  • A fun evening!

Please join us for our annual piano recital to be held on Thursday, May 16, 7:00 p.m. at The DeQuincy United Methodist Church, 301 E. Center St. DeQuincy, LA.

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