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I miss my piano students! And, I miss teaching them. I'm happy to know that all of my piano students and their families have remained healthy and safe. It's been the same for my family.

I hope to see piano students soon. Here is the plan:

I want to have a sense of closure for this piano year, even though we will not present a recital until the end of October.

My plan is to have a Monday-Friday piano camp format. These lessons will be offered the weeks of June 15-19 and June 22-26. You choose which week is better for your family’s schedule.

The lessons will be 2 hours per day. We will work some on recital pieces, but also continue in their books. We will also do fun things, including challenging music reading games and watch part of a music video each day.

The cost will be the regular monthly tuition, $75. The 2-hour format will give students the equivalent of lesson time missed for the end of March, plus 2 months’ worth of lesson time.

I am setting these lessons toward the end of June so that hopefully we will be okay to meet. The piano classes will have no more than 4 students together in a group. The keyboards will be sanitized and apart from each other. Plus, no hand holding for games for the younger students.

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