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PLAY and PLAY Piano Books

PLAY AND PLAY PIANO BOOK FOR BEGINNERS offers a unique approach to teaching piano to young beginners. The PLAY AND PLAY book exclusively uses game songs and folk songs. It’s designed for use in a small group setting but can easily be adapted for teaching in the one-on-one piano lesson format.


Children are not bored when using the PLAY AND PLAY piano book! They are actively engaged in playing singing games from the beginning of the first lesson. The children go from playing the singing game right to playing the song on the piano. 


This book is based upon the Kodály method of teaching music to children. The Kodály Method is a very logical way of teaching music literacy and offers the following unique features:


  • A successful child-developmental approach

  • Relates to the child's own physical and intellectual development

  • Follows the way a child learns naturally in a step-by-step sequence

  • Progresses from activities through game to song to music symbols


Music is important in a child’s educational development.  Music should be fun and  effective.  The PLAY AND PLAY piano book makes it that way.  Children learn to play the piano by learning “real songs” from the beginning, music that relates to them.


I used game songs from PLAY AND PLAY as a dual language teacher in Houston, Texas. Playing the games with students enhanced their English language development and literacy skills. Now, as an elementary school principal, I appreciate the method of using interactive singing games to promote language and literacy skills.  Student engagement in music class through these game songs is high when the experience is interactive and appropriate for their skill level based on the child developmental progression.

I highly recommend the PLAY AND PLAY BOOK to music teachers to enhance instruction in their music classes."

Lindy Robertson

Elementary School Principal

Houston, Texas

Play and Play Student Book Cover

PLAY and PLAY: Learn How to Play the Piano and Keyboard Using a Fun and Easy Method

PLAY AND PLAY PIANO BOOK FOR BEGINNERS REVISED STUDENT EDITION offers children a refreshing and innovative approach to learning the piano through game songs. This comprehensive piano series combines the joy of games with the fundamentals of piano playing, making it an engaging experience for learners of all ages.

Diane Engle wrote the PLAY AND PLAY piano book based on the Kodály Piano Teaching Method, and over 30 years of teaching, both school music and piano. This well-tested child developmental approach for learning to play the piano has children playing and singing a song from their first lesson.

The piano music is taken from an extensive collection of children's songs, including American folk songs as well as folk songs from other countries, and game songs, . Each piece is carefully selected to provide both enjoyment and skill-building opportunities that result in music literacy. Each song has an illustrated color sheet that engages the student and makes the learning exciting.

Play and Play Teacher Book Cover

PLAY and PLAY: Learn How to Teach the Piano and Keyboard Using a Fun and Easy Method

PLAY AND PLAY PIANO BOOK FOR BEGINNER, REVISED TEACHER'S EDITION is a unique and easy-to-follow teacher manual that has students playing at their very first piano lesson.


  • The Teacher's Edition has a user-friendly design where the teacher instructions are displayed on the left-hand page, offering clear and concise instructions for both the game songs and activities as well as the music instructions.

  • The corresponding student pages are conveniently positioned on the right-hand side, allowing you to seamlessly reference and guide the students through each lesson.

  • You can say goodbye to time-consuming page-flipping. With TE instructions and student pages side-by-side, planning and conducting lessons has never been easier or more efficient.

  • Each lesson plan includes instructions for the singing games as well as the music instructions.

  • Reproducible activity pages are found throughout the book.

  • Each student page includes a picture to color, allowing the teacher to work with students individually while the others color.

  • Lessons can be adjusted if more time is needed for the concepts.

Play and Play Resource Guide Book Cover

PLAY and PLAY Resource Guide:
Teaching Kids to Play the Piano

DO YOU WANT TO START YOUR OWN PROFITABLE PIANO STUDIO? Then you NEED this book! This book shows you EXACTLY what you need to know to operate your own profitable piano studio.


In her comprehensive book, PLAY AND PLAY RESOURCE GUIDE, Diane Engle presents the concise steps to start, operate, and build your piano studio for profit and success.



  • Specific instructions for setting up a piano studio for teaching in small groups.

  • Detailed plans for recruiting new piano students through PIANO SUMMER CAMP.

  • LESSON PLANS for a 5-DAY piano camp.

  • Reproducible song sheets for the students. Every song sheet is also a color sheet and a game song.

  • Supplemental piano summer camp ideas and themes for current/returning students.

  • How to operate the studio for continued yearly success and profit.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Diane and I’m so happy that you’re here. I’m here to teach you about teaching piano in small groups. I’ve operated a private piano studio for over 12 years, teaching in small group piano classes. My schedule is Tuesday-Thursday, 4:00-7:00 p.m. That’s right, teaching a total of only 9 hours per week! Classes are 45 minutes, so that means I get in 4 classes per day.


How did I get started this way? I had taught elementary music in public schools in Texas and Louisiana for 31 years. Yep―31 years of fun! I also earned my Master of Music Education as well as my Kodály Certification. The Kodály methodology teaches music literacy through folk songs and game songs. It’s a wonderful child developmental approach to teaching.

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